2016-05-18 03:19
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如何在GO中使用libgit2运行git log命令?

I am interested in running git log commands from go. I see that C# version has support for this ( . Does the GO version also support for similar git log commands? I did some quick searching for "query" and "filter" keywords and I did not find anything.

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我对从go运行git log命令感兴趣。 我看到C#版本对此提供了支持( / wiki / git-log )。 GO版本是否也支持类似的git log命令? 我快速搜索了“查询”和“过滤器”关键字,但没有找到任何内容。

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  • dtd793353 2016-05-18 07:27

    RevWalk is what you are looking for.

    repo, err := git.OpenRepository("path/to/repository")
    w, err := repo.Walk() // returns a RevWalk instance for this repo

    You can configure the returned RewWalk instance.

    err = w.PushHead() // instruct to start from the head commit

    If you want to log a different branch you can use PushRef instead. There are other configuration options to configure the starting and ending points of the log. Check out documentation for those.

    Use the Iterate method to go through the commit list. You need to pass it a function that will be called for each commit in the list.

    w.Iterate(func(c *git.Commit) bool {
        return true  // return false when you want to stop iterating
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