2015-02-13 01:50
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I wanted to know how one can enumerate the names and values of all local variables in golang. This is done with the purpose of effectively debugging go code.

Yes, I am well aware golang has limited gdb support right now.

This commonly used thread on stackoverflow has no mention of golang.

I am genuinely looking for a solution (I think others are curious as well).

Many thanks.

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我想知道如何枚举golang中所有局部变量的名称和值。 这样做是为了有效调试go代码。

是的,我 众所周知,golang目前对gdb的支持有限。


我是真的 寻找解决方案(我想其他人也很好奇)。


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  • dousi8931 2015-02-13 07:33

    There is no easy solution:

    • gotype can do static analysis of the code and print all variables (but not their value)
    • go-spew can print a variable value (deep pretty printer for Go data structures to aid in debugging), but that is like an enhanced printf, not a 'gdb' like debug session.
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  • douda5706 2015-02-13 13:16

    There is dlv, you can experiment with the print command, it's the closest thing to a live debugger you can get atm.

    Otherwise gotype/go-spew like @VonC mentioned are the way to go.

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