2018-06-30 21:36
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我应该将go dep vendor /添加到.gitignore吗? [重复]

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Should I add go dep vendor/ folder to .gitignore? Now I have vendor/ in .gitignore, so every deploy will call dep ensure


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  • donxbje866688 2018-06-30 22:46

    github/gitignore/Go.gitignore doesn't add vendor/ to its .gitignore file.

    This causes its content should be versioned, recorded in the Git repository, instead of being potentially generated, and may respond to the following needs:

    • avoiding reference changes
    • dissapearing projects
    • vendoring tool may evolve (dep to vgo to modules), ...
    • if you made modifications to vendor dependencies in your Git repository, you should probably track those

    On the other hand, does add vendor/ to its .gitignore.

    So in conclusion, you might as well ignore it if you're not under any of the situations stated above.

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