2013-07-16 10:49
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Ok so I've got my whole Go development environment up under Windows 8, also with MinGW. I'm using the LiteIde.

C:/Go/bin/go.exe build  [C:/Users/Alyx/Go/Hi]
pkg-config --cflags sdl
exec: "pkg-config": executable file not found in %PATH%
Error: process exited with code 2.

But then I get an error for "pkg-config" which at first I didn't have installed. (I'm trying to compile the SDL binding with a test that lists the fullscreen modes)

Then I got it all set up in the C:\MinGW\Bin folder (pkg-config.exe and the extra dll's).

But then it still wouldn't work. Went into CMD typed in its name "not recognized as internal..."

So then I figured I must need to put an environment variable into Windows. I tried %PATH% with the "C:\MinGW\bin" value. Nothing. Then I tried PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Nothing.

So I'm not sure what Environment Variable I need, or if there is any sort of variable I can put into LiteIde. Other than that idk what else to do.

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好,所以我已经在Windows 8和MinGW下建立了整个Go开发环境。 我正在使用 LiteIde

  C:/Go/bin/go.exe构建[C:/ Users / Alyx / Go / Hi  ] 
pkg-config --cflags sdl 
exec:“ pkg-config”:在%PATH%
 <  p>但是后来我收到“ pkg-config”的错误,起初我没有安装。  (我正在尝试使用列出全屏模式的测试来编译SDL绑定) 

然后我将其全部设置在C:\ MinGW \ Bin文件夹中(pkg-config .exe和额外的dll)。

但是仍然无法正常工作。 进入CMD,其名称为“无法识别为内部...”。

因此,我认为我必须将环境变量放入Windows。 我尝试使用“ C:\ MinGW \ bin”值进行%PATH%。 没有。 然后我尝试了PKG_CONFIG_PATH。 没什么。

所以我不确定我需要什么环境变量,或者我是否可以在LiteIde中放入任何类型的变量。 除了该idk之外,还有什么其他用途。

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  • duanchuonong5370 2013-07-16 13:29

    From the error, it sounds like your attempt to add C:\MinGW\bin to the %PATH% variable was unsuccessful.

    Make sure you're adding it to the System Environment Variables under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System, Click on Advanced System Settings, Advanced tab, Environment Variables... button and edit the Path entry under System variables (Add ;C:\MinGW\bin to the end of the existing value). Then restart your shell or IDE to apply the system settings.

    If pkg-config.exe is in the C:\MinGW\bin folder it will be found in %PATH%.

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