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I am trying to unmarshal XML from RRD format.

So I create my types etc, etc. which I am able to get the values from.

But there are comments in the XML in this format <!-- 2017/01/01 --> and I need to extract this date. Is there any way of accessing this in GO ?


Updated question:

Okay I did it works, but I want to split the comments into array.

For example I have the following XML.

<!-- Random Info. -->
<!-- Random Info2 . -->

So I have the following.

type Database struct {
          Comment string `xml:",comment"`   
          Row []string  `xml:"row"`

Now when I print the row data I get it as an array whereas the comment is a string. I tried to make it an array but it throws an error cannot convert. panic: reflect.Set: value of type []uint8 is not assignable to type []string

Obviously, I can split the string and get what I want. But is there any quicker way of doing this when creating type?

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    dqxsuig64994 dqxsuig64994 2017-11-06 13:36

    Have you tried

    If the XML element contains comments, they are accumulated in the first struct field that has tag ",comment". The struct field may have type []byte or string. If there is no such field, the comments are discarded.

    Here's usage example:

    type Person struct {
        XMLName   xml.Name `xml:"person"`
        Comment   string   `xml:",comment"`
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