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Golang,MongoDB,使用$ in在数组属性中查找带有一个字符串的所有元素时遇到问题

I am trying to find all users in a MongoDB collection that contains a username string in the friends array. I am using Golang with the mgo driver.

   type User struct {
        Friends        []string    `json: friends bson:"friends,omitempty"` 

    // username is a string
    arr := []string{username}

    err := c.Find(bson.M{"friends": {"$in": arr}}).All(&users)

I get this error: http: panic serving [::1]:56358: assignment to entry in nil map

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    doumi1852 doumi1852 2016-05-15 00:55

    You are using "$in" wrong. You aren't initialising inner map. You are supposed to use it like this:

    err := c.Find(bson.M{"friends": bson.M{"$in": arr}}).All(&users)
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