2017-02-28 18:08
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使用Vault API软件包的身份验证方法

I am trying to use the Vault Golang Package to authenticate using the API.

I created a new client, and then can set my token:

client, err := api.NewClient(&api.Config{Address: vaultAddr, HttpClient: httpClient})

 if err != nil {
   return nil, errors.Wrap(err, "could not create vault client")


That's great and all, but I want to auth against the API using one of the other auth methods, (LDAP, Userpass etc)

Is this even possible? How can I retrieve a token using the API?

I guess I could just use net/http to retrieve the token using an API call, but is there any method to actually auth in another way?

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  • dsdsm2016
    dsdsm2016 2017-03-04 01:19

    I managed to figure this out, eventually. It's not totally obvious, but makes sense.

    Vault has a generic write method it uses to write data. You can utilise this to perform a login with the API by simply building the URL and sending a PUT request to that endpoint

    It looks a bit like this:

    // create a vault client
    client, err := api.NewClient(&api.Config{Address: url, HttpClient: httpClient})
    if err != nil {
    // to pass the password
    options := map[string]interface{}{
       "password": password,        
    // the login path
    // this is configurable, change userpass to ldap etc
    path := fmt.Sprintf("auth/userpass/login/%s", username)
    // PUT call to get a token
    secret, err := client.Logical().Write(path, options)
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