2014-12-04 15:07
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如何在Go中将所有编码都转换为UTF 8?

我正在通过 IMAP 下载消息。接下来,我将解析消息添加到 MongoDB 中,但我遇到了一个问题,因为 MongoDB 只支持 UTF 8, 我想把所有编码都转换成 UTF 8的话该怎么做?


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我正在通过IMAP下载邮件。 接下来,我将已解析的消息添加到MongoDB中。 我有一个问题,因为MongoDB仅支持UTF8。而且我想将任何编码转换为UTF8。代码多种多样。 如何将每个字符串转换为UTF 8?

我知道可以转换为二进制,但是我必须使用普通文本,因为我必须在数据库中搜索短语。 除非,我可以用二进制搜索普通文本吗?

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  • doulierong0334 2014-12-04 15:37

    I'm using the go-charset project to do this:

    It's pretty straightforward, you create a reader from a charset and it translates to utf-8 automatically. example from the library:

    r, err := charset.NewReader(strings.NewReader("\xa35 for Pepp\xe9"), "latin1")
    if err != nil {
    result, err := ioutil.ReadAll(r)
    if err != nil {
    ", result)  //outputs £5 for Peppé

    Now, in my case I know the charset because it comes from web pages and I read the headers/meta tags. If you need to detect the charset automatically by heuristics, you'll need another library for that, such as this one:

    I haven't used it but it also looks pretty simple to use:

    detector := chardet.NewTextDetector()
    result, err := detector.DetectBest(some_text)
    if err == nil {
            "Detected charset is %s, language is %s",
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  • douliang6563 2014-12-10 07:15

    I've found a better package, which uses iconv. Usage is trivial, it is described in the documentation. For example:

    output,_ := iconv.ConvertString("Hello World!", "windows-1252", "utf-8")

    Link to the package:

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  • doujuxin7392 2017-06-01 03:57

    charset.NewReader in package can't deal with encoding gb2312. charset.NewReaderLabel can deal with it.

    import  (
    func convrtToUTF8(str string, origEncoding string) string {
        strBytes := []byte(str)
        byteReader := bytes.NewReader(strBytes)
        reader, _ := charset.NewReaderLabel(origEncoding, byteReader)
        strBytes, _ = ioutil.ReadAll(reader)
        return string(strBytes)
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