2019-07-04 17:49
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I use for interaction with Kafka. I have a topic with, for example, 100 partitions. I have application, which is deployed on 1 host. So, I want to consume from this topic in multiple goroutines.

I see this example - , in which we can see, how to create consumer in specific consumer group.

So, my question is, should I create multiply such consumers, or there is some setting in Sarama, where I can set up needed number of consumer goroutines.

P.S. I see this question - - but there is no answer, how to create MultiConsumer.

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  • doutuanxiao4619
    doutuanxiao4619 2019-07-04 19:02

    This example shows a fully working console application which can consume for all partitions in a topic creating one goroutine per partition:

    It is linked at the end of the thread you posted in your question.

    It basically creates one consumer:

    c, err := sarama.NewConsumer(strings.Split(*brokerList, ","), config)

    Then gets all the partitions for the desired topic:

    func getPartitions(c sarama.Consumer) ([]int32, error) {
        if *partitions == "all" {
            return c.Partitions(*topic)

    Then for each partition it creates a PartitionConsumer and consumes from each partition in a different goroutine:

    for _, partition := range partitionList {
        pc, err := c.ConsumePartition(*topic, partition, initialOffset)
        go func(pc sarama.PartitionConsumer) {
            defer wg.Done()
            for message := range pc.Messages() {
                messages <- message
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