2015-05-07 05:11
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go / ast软件包中的Doc和Comment有什么区别?

I am using the go/ast and go/parser package to do something, but i am puzzled about the difference between Doc and Comment.

Is the first line of comments a Doc, then others as Comment?
Here is a sample:

TypeSpec struct {
    Doc     *CommentGroup // associated documentation; or nil
    Name    *Ident        // type name
    Type    Expr          // *Ident, *ParenExpr, *SelectorExpr, *StarExpr, or any of the *XxxTypes
    Comment *CommentGroup // line comments; or nil

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我正在使用 go / ast go / parser 做某事,但我对 Doc Comment 之间的区别感到困惑。

是注释的第一行 Doc ,然后其他为 Comment

  TypeSpec struct {
 Doc  * CommentGroup //相关文档; 或nil 
 Name * Ident //类型名称
 Type Expr // * Ident,* ParenExpr,* SelectorExpr,* StarExpr或任何* XxxTypes 
 Comment * CommentGroup //行注释; 或nil 
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  • dsfdsfdsfdsf1223 2015-05-07 05:20

    From src/go/ast/ast.go#L70-L75:

    // A CommentGroup represents a sequence of comments
    // with no other tokens and no empty lines between.

    Following Godoc: documenting Go code:

    • Doc is one or several continuous lines of comments (// ...) before the TypeSpec

    write a regular comment directly preceding its declaration, with no intervening blank line

    // A TypeSpec node represents a type declaration (TypeSpec production).
    TypeSpec struct {
    • Comment is a comment associate to the field itself, starting on the same line, but which can spread over multiple continuous lines (hence "CommentGroup")

      Name    *Ident        // type name
                            // the comment associated to Name
                            // could go on over several lines
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