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I'm trying to reimplement a program it did in C a few years ago in Go
The program should read a "record"-like structured binary file and do something with the record (what is done with the records itself is not relevant for this question)

Such a datafile consists of many records where each record has the following definition:

REC_LEN   U2 // length of record after header
REC_TYPE  U1 //a type
REC_SUB   U1 //a subtype
REC_LEN x U1 //"payload" 

My problem now is how to specify that variable length byte[] in a struct in Go?
My plan was to use binary.Read to read the records
Here's what I've tried so far in Go:

type Record struct {
    rec_len uint16
    rec_type uint8
    rec_sub uint8
    data [rec_len]byte

Unfortunatelly it seems I can't reference a field of a struct within the same struct as I get the following error:

xxxx.go:15: undefined: rec_len
xxxx.go:15: invalid array bound rec_len

I'd appreciate any ideas pointing me in the right direction

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  • dongtiaobeng7901 dongtiaobeng7901 6年前

    You can read the record as follows:

    var rec Record
    // Slurp up the fixed sized header.
    var buf [4]byte
    _, err := io.ReadFull(r, buf[:])
    if err != nil {
        // handle error
    rec.rec_len = binary.BigEndian.Uint16(buf[0:2])
    rec.rec_type = buf[2]
    rec.rec_sub = buf[3]
    // Create the variable part and read it. = make([]byte, rec.rec_len)
    _, err = io.ReadFull(r,
    if err != nil {
        // handle error
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