2019-08-20 12:07
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I want to use an IP field in a proto3 message. Which type in proto3 should I use to represent the same. The field will be used by Golang and C# implementation. Should I use string? or fixed32 for IPV4 and bytes for IPV6?

message xyz {
  string ip_addr = 1;


message xyz {
    oneof ip_addr{
       fixed32 v4 = 1;
       bytes v6 = 2;

If it is the second one, then how to encode that in Golang implementation? Like, should I first construct a string with a valid IP address and then convert it to fixed32 format or how is it?

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我想在proto3消息中使用IP字段。 我应该使用proto3中的哪种类型来表示相同的类型。 该字段将由Golang和C#实现使用。 我应该使用字符串吗? 或fixed32(对于IPV4)和字节(对于IPV6)?

 消息xyz {
字符串ip_addr = 1; 

\ n

 消息xyz {
 fixed32 v4 = 1; 
字节v6 = 2; 

如果是第二个,那么如何在Golang实现中对其进行编码? 就像,我应该先用有效的IP地址构造一个字符串,然后将其转换为fixed32格式还是如何?

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  • dongzhiman2162 2019-08-20 12:15

    If you have no performance constraints here, I would just go with a string.

    Almost any language has support for reading an ip address from a string with standard ipv4 or ipv6 notation. If you use a binary representation in a fixed32 or bytes field, you'll have to figure out a way to convert that in each language you use your protocol with.

    You may also want to specify whether it always has to be an ip address, or if a DNS hostname could be used instead.

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