2016-05-21 17:44


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I have a simple question... I'm trying to reproduce this recursive data structure in Golang with slices.

type Trie map[byte]Trie

Right now I have some 'rough' source code using the recursive data structure below with slices and everything works fine except my typed structure is a structure and not a slice of structures. Ideally I would like my typed recursive data structure to be a slice of Trie's which has elements Trie{byte, []Trie}. Hope that makes sense? Right now I have a type which is a Trie struct{byte, []Trie}.

type Trie struct {
elem byte
others []Trie

Maybe this will help. When I create my Trie of slices right now I use this function.

func CreateTrie() []Trie {
    return make([]Trie, 0, 13)

I would like to have the Trie of slices defined in such a way that I could create the slices like this.

func CreateTrie() Trie {
    return make(Trie, 0, 13)

Is this possible with slices or do I have use my first(only) solution for slices?

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  • doupi3874 doupi3874 5年前

    Is this what you're looking for?

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  • doujiang2643 doujiang2643 5年前

    TLDR: I think it is possible

    Using your Trie struct

    type Trie struct {
        elem byte
        others []*Trie

    Here is a modified createTrie constructor. I wasn't sure if you wanted to show a chain of Tries so I figured to pass level just as an example.

    func createTrie(levels int) *Trie {
        result := &Trie{
            others: make([]*Trie, 0, 13),
        for level := 0 ;level < levels; level++ {
            result.others = append(result.others, createTrie(levels - 1))
        return result

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