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如何根据以Android.bp w.r.t. 宋?

I'm writing a wrapper over a Soong's module type, where I want to add some additional checks.

First, I have registered my custom module type :

func init() {
    android.RegisterModuleType("my_cc_library_static", MyStaticLibrary)

Second, I've defined the function for this -

func MyStaticLibrary() android.Module {
    m, library := cc.NewLibrary(android.HostAndDeviceSupported)
    module := m.Init()
    prop := module.GetProperties()
    for _, properties := range prop {
        propertiesValue := reflect.ValueOf(properties).Elem()
        fmt.Printf("Prop Value Ele : %+v
  ", propertiesValue)

The output of this shows an empty structure. However, I expect this struct to be filled with the values provided in Android.bp of the component.

Chances are the module.GetPropeties() should not be called so early (in registration phase), but then I'm not exactly sure where else to call. Or do I need to add any Hooks ?

I want to read Cflags from Android.bp and based on it's value, need to append/remove some additional cflags.

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  func init(){
 android.RegisterModuleType(“ my_cc_library_static”,  MyStaticLibrary)


  func MyStaticLibrary(  )android.Module {
m,library:= cc.NewLibrary(android.HostAndDeviceSupported)
 module:= m.Init()
 prop:= module.GetProperties()
为_  ,properties:= range prop {
 propertiesValue:= reflect.ValueOf(properties).Elem()
 fmt.Printf(“ Prop Value Ele:%+ v 

其输出显示为空结构。 但是,我希望此结构被该组件的Android.bp中提供的值填充。

机会是模块。GetPropeties()不应提早调用(在注册阶段) ),但我不确定要在哪里打电话。 还是需要添加任何挂钩?

我想从Android.bp读取Cflags,并根据其值添加/删除一些其他的cflags。 \ n

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