2015-12-20 18:55
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I am working on a project that requires some dependencies. I am a little confused by the best practices regarding vendoring. Currently I am using GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT and have copied the dependencies into the vendor directory.

When I need to update the dependencies I checkout the source code manually from docker-machine and copy it into my vendor directory. This brings in a lot of unnecessary code, tests, etc. Is there any recommendations on automating this? I am used to maven where I can just specify version info in a configuration file.

What about GODEPS? How does that play into the GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT. I would prefer a solution where I don't have to checkin dependencies into my source tree.

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我正在从事需要一些依赖项的项目。 我对供应商的最佳做法有些困惑。 目前,我正在使用GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT,并将相关性复制到供应商目录中。</ p> </ p>

何时 我需要更新依赖项,然后从docker-machine手动签出源代码,并将其复制到我的供应商目录中。 这带来了很多不必要的代码,测试等。是否有关于自动执行此操作的建议? 我习惯于只在配置文件中指定版本信息。</ p>

GODEPS呢? 它将如何影响GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT。 在不需要将依赖项检入到源代码树中的情况下,我希望使用一种解决方案。</ p> </ div>

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