2019-07-04 13:40
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I know methods can be created for specific types


type MyFunc func() int

func (f MyFunc) eval() int {
    return f()

func main() {
   var randomFunction MyFunc = func() int {
      return 1;

  fmt.Println(randomFunction.eval()) // prints 1

But randomFunction had to be declared as with MyFunc type. If the declaration looked like

randomFunction := func() int {
  return 1;

the method call wouldn't had worked.

My question is whether methods can be created for every function with func () int type, for example.

I know Go is not functional, nor does contain too many functional idioms, but the I'm looking for an approach similar to Haskell's show instance for functions:

instance Show (Int -> Int) where
   show op = show "Function with 1 Int param and Int return type"
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