2017-08-29 14:32
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I am using Go to iterate over all the files in a directory. This is how I am doing it:

package main

import (

func main() {

func printFiles(dir string) {
    fileInfos, err := ioutil.ReadDir(dir)
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("Error in accessing directory:", err)

    for _, file := range fileInfos {
        fmt.Printf("%T: %+v
", file, file)

When I run this code, this is the output I get:

*os.fileStat: &{name:main.go sys:{FileAttributes:32 CreationTime:{LowDateTime:2993982878 HighDateTime:30613689} LastAccessTime:{LowDateTime:2993982878 HighDateTime:30613689} LastWriteTime:{LowDateTime:4004986069 HighDateTime:30613714} FileSizeHigh:0 FileSizeLow:320} pipe:false Mutex:{state:0 sema:0} path:C:\Users\Prakhar.Mishra\go\src\mistdatafilter\main.go vol:0 idxhi:0 idxlo:0}

I can see a property named path, but I can't access it (due to small case initial, I suppose?). Can anyone please tell me how to get full file path of all the files in a given folder?

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