2016-10-18 11:40
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I'm trying to create a method extension to check if my struct was initialized but I'm getting this error:

invalid operation: myStruct literal == inStruct (struct containing json.RawMessage cannot be compared)

Here's my code:

package datamodels

import "encoding/json"

type myStruct struct {
        a string json:"a"
        b json.RawMessage json:"b"
        c json.RawMessage json:"c"

func (m *myStruct ) IsEmpty() bool {
    return (myStruct {}) == m 

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无效操作:myStruct文字== inStruct(无法比较包含json.RawMessage的结构)


import“ encoding / json” 
type myStruct struct {
a string json:“ a” 
b json.RawMessage  json:“ b” 
c json.RawMessage json:“ c” 
func(m * myStruct)IsEmpty()bool {
 return(myStruct {})== m 
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  • dqt66847 2016-10-18 12:14

    The reason is that json.RawMessage is a Alias for a []byte and maps, slices etc can not be compared normally.

    You can compare slices with reflect.DeepEqual method.

    See example below.

    package main
    import "encoding/json"
    import "reflect"
    type myStruct struct 
            a string `json:"a"`
            b json.RawMessage `json:"b"`
            c json.RawMessage `json:"c"`
    func (m myStruct ) IsEmpty() bool {
        return reflect.DeepEqual(myStruct{}, m)
    func main() {
        var mystuff myStruct = myStruct{}

    GOLANG Playground

    Reference for comparing slices: How to compare struct, slice, map are equal?

    See the RawMessage type. json.RawMessage type: https://golang.org/src/encoding/json/stream.go?s=6218:6240#L237

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  • dpbvpgvrhwxen3222 2016-10-18 21:58

    The zero value of myStruct is a struct where a, b and c are zero values of their type. The zero value of a string is "", of json.RawMessage it is nil (because it's just an alias for []byte). Combining this knowledge you get:

    type myStruct struct {
        a string
        b json.RawMessage
        c json.RawMessage
    func (m *myStruct ) IsEmpty() bool {
        return m.a == "" && m.b == nil && m.c == nil

    There is no need for reflect.DeepEqual()

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