2014-12-29 19:27
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I'm currently using fresh to rebuild and restart the webserver on every change of any of the source files in my project.

It works ok. However, after some time files are created at pkg directory. This causes the refresh does not happens anymore, and the reason is instead of getting the source files (.go files) to build the binary, it gets the .a files. How can I avoid this feature?

Adding information:

File: runner.conf at the same level of main.go

root: .
tmp_path: ./tmp
build_name: bin/app.bin
build_log: runner-build-errors.log
valid_ext: .go, .tpl, .tmpl, .html
build_delay: 600
colors: 1
log_color_main: cyan
log_color_build: yellow
log_color_runner: green
log_color_watcher: magenta
ignore_dirs: ./pkg

Is not working at all:

13:39:48 watcher     | Watching .
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching bin
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching pkg
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching pkg/darwin_amd64
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching public
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching src
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching src/
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching src/
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching src/
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching src/
13:39:48 watcher     | Watching src/


In the end, I was not able to make it work. However, I create a solution using this plugin:

That tries to build on save, and I've created this build system (called GoLang):

    "shell_cmd": "sh /Users/acruz/go_projects/ \"$project_path\"",
    "working_dir": "${project_path}"

And the file is:

echo "Removing PKG folder if exists"
rm -Rf pkg

echo "Building application"
go build -o bin/app.bin main.go

echo "Killing application"
killall app.bin

echo "Running application ./bin/app.bin"
echo ""
echo "Debug information:"
echo ""


One @TODO will be defining in the project configuration the name of the binary... but for me this works ok. One of the benefits of doing this is you don't have to add the -a flag, which will make slow the compilation process, and the debug information will be showed just there in the build window...

Debug information

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2条回答 默认 最新

  • douya5194 2014-12-29 20:45

    You can change $GOPATH/src/

    cmd := exec.Command("go", "build", "-o", buildPath(), root())

    to be

    cmd := exec.Command("go", "build", "-a", "-o", buildPath(), root())

    and then

    go install -a

    flag -a force recompiling of .a files

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  • dongpei2835 2014-12-29 19:33

    Considering Pull Request 20 was about "Added ignore_dirs setting", you could use that new setting to explicitly ignore the pkg folder.

    ignore_dirs path1, path2, ...

    Check how that ignore_dirs path is checked:

    if info.IsDir() && !isTmpDir(path) {
        if _, ignore := ignorePaths[info.Name()]; (len(path) > 1 && 
           strings.HasPrefix(filepath.Base(path), ".")) || ignore {
            return filepath.SkipDir
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