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当源代码包含多个级别/目录时部署Google Cloud Function

I want to deploy a Google Cloud Function, written in Go, with a code structure containing a subdirectory, like this :

├── module1
│   ├── go.mod
│   └── module1.go
├── go.mod
└── entrypoint.go

But when I deploy the function, using the GCP console or gcloud command :

# from function/ directory
gcloud functions deploy myfunction --runtime go111 [...]

Only go.mod and entrypoint.go are uploaded (I checked on the Source tab of Function details in the GCP Console). Thus the function fails to deploy, because obviously entrypoint.go use methods from module1/module1.go.

The same happens if the source is a .zip (containing multiple directories) on Google Cloud Storage :

gcloud functions deploy myfunction \
    --runtime go111 \
    --source gs://${BUCKET}/ [...]

Is it possible to deploy functions using a code structure with subdirectories? I don't know if the same happens for other runtimes (Python, NodeJS), or if the problem is specific to Go.


I tried to follow this guide : (2nd point : A package at the root of your project that imports code from a sub-package and exports one or more functions), as suggested in the comments, but without success. Here's the structure I used (works in local) :

├── function.go
├── go.mod
└── shared
    ├── go.mod
    └── shared.go
module testcloudfunction

require testcloudfunction/shared v0.0.0

replace testcloudfunction/shared => ./shared
package function

import (


func HelloWorld(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
    fmt.Fprint(w, shared.Hello())
module testcloudfunction/shared
package shared

func Hello() string {
    return "Hello World!"
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  • duanhong1985 2019-02-25 18:05

    OK. It works for me with some changes.

    I'm using GOPATH and so am prefixing with GO111MODULE=on. If you are outside of GOPATH, I think you can just drop the GO111MODULE=on environment setting.

    Starting with directories and .go files only (no .mod files).

    My path is

    IIUC you will need to -- minimally -- prefix module paths with

    package function
    import (
    func HelloFreddie(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
        fmt.Fprint(w, shared.Hello())

    Then, from within my cloudfuncs directory:

    GO111MODULE=on go mod init

    Results in a go.mod:

    go 1.11

    There is no go.mod file in .../cloudfuncs/shared.

    Then I deploy using:

    gcloud functions deploy HelloFreddie \
    --region=us-central1 \
    --entry-point=HelloFreddie \
    --runtime=go111 \
    --source=$PWD/cloudfuncs \
    --project=${PROJECT} \

    You can see the result here:

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