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I want to compute the inverse element of a prime in modular arithmetic. In order to speed things up I start a few goroutines which try to find the element in a certain range. When the first one finds the element, it sends it to the main goroutine and at this point I want to terminate the program. So I call close in the main goroutine, but I don't know if the goroutines will finish their execution (I guess not). So a few questions arise:

1) Is this a bad style, should I have something like a WaitGroup?

2) Is there a more idiomatic way to do this computation?

package main

import "fmt"

const (
    Procs = 8
    P     = 1000099
    Base  = 1<<31 - 1

func compute(start, end uint64, finished chan struct{}, output chan uint64) {
    for i := start; i < end; i++ {
        select {
        case <-finished:
        if i*P%Base == 1 {
            output <- i

func main() {
    finished := make(chan struct{})
    output := make(chan uint64)

    for i := uint64(0); i < Procs; i++ {
        start := i * (Base / Procs)
        end := (i + 1) * (Base / Procs)
        go compute(start, end, finished, output)


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