2014-09-24 08:53



In the Go world is there any project implements the JSON RPC 2.0 (HTTP), especially the feature of batched query?

Some background that is, I know there's a Go built-in one but it's not over HTTP, and Gorilla looks to supports V2 (in the v2 folder, however I can't find documentation with it), but as I tested it response empty result for a combined request like "[{valid_request...},{valid_request...}]". Maybe it hasn't implemented the batched one. (Have I missed anything to get it right?)

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  • doutizhou5312 doutizhou5312 7年前

    Since I can't find a ready Go server support for JsonRpc 2.0 for now, I modified the gorilla JsonRPC 2.0 to support the batched query. The forked repo is at . Just need to change the import path from "gorilla/rpc/v2" to "jason-xxl/rpc/v2_batch" to get a testable batched query enabled server. (Please let me know if I missed any one that already support 2.0 batch.)

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