2011-12-02 20:50
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GAE Go template.Execute,传递带有向量的结构

I'm storing some data in a Go app in a struct's vector.Vector for convenience. I want to display all the data from the vector on Google App Engine webpage through template.Execute. Is it possible and how would I access the data in the parsed html file? Would it be easier if I used an array or slice instead?

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为方便起见,我将一些数据存储在Go应用中的结构的vector.Vector中。 我想通过template.Execute在Google App Engine网页上显示矢量中的所有数据。 是否有可能,我将如何访问已解析的html文件中的数据? 如果我改用数组或切片会更容易吗?

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  • donkey199024 2011-12-02 21:59

    Use slices.

    Go Weekly Snapshot History 2011-10-18

    The container/vector package has been deleted. Slices are better: SliceTricks.

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