2019-03-30 23:38
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So in my main.go I have a struct and a method that I can call from inside main.go without a problem. Imagine it being like this:

type Test struct {
    val1 float32
    val2 float32

func (t Test) callMethod() float32 {
    return t.val1 / t.val2

I am calling the template like this and as data I am giving an array of the Test structs, like this:

var testvar1 Test
var testvar2 Test
var teststructs [] Test
teststructs = append(teststructs, testvar1)
teststructs = append(teststructs, testvar2)
tpl.ExecuteTemplate(w, "testpage.gohtml", teststructs)

Inside the template I am trying to call the callMethod like this

{{range .}}
    {{ .callMethod }}

But I am getting the following error:

executing "testpage.gohtml" at <.callMethod>: can't evaluate field callMethod in type main.Test

Has anyone an Idea what I am doing wrong and has a solution for this? I am trying to fix it since many hours and I am so frustrated at this point.

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  • duanbimo7212 2019-03-31 02:03

    Your Teststruct has no exported fields/methods, i.e. fields/methods within the struct that are used within the template have to start with a capital letter.

    Update the method name to CallMethod

    func (t Test) CallMethod() float32 {
        return t.val1 / t.val2

    and the template:

    const tmpl = `
    {{range .}}

    see the code

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