2018-09-21 21:44
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I have the following multivariate array:

x := [2][3]int{
    {3, 2, 1},
    {3, 2, 1},

Both rows and columns are fixed-size.

I'm trying to check that the rows are sorted, and I undertand the sort function requires arrays without a known size. How can I ask the go to treat the item with a fixed-, known size as if it had an unknown size?

var allTrue bool = true
for i := range x {
  t := sort.Ints(x[i]) == []int{1, 2, 3}
  allTrue = allTrue && t

I get:

./main.go:xx:yy: sort.Ints(x[i]) used as value
./main.go:xx:yy: cannot use x[i] (type [3]int) as type []int in argument to sort.Ints

Am I reading this error message correctly?

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