2014-11-09 02:10
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I have imported several packages into a file in a Go package (package commands) I am writing (following along with a golang tutorial) using Vim with the Vim-Go plugin. Several of these packages are not yet used in the package. When I save the file :w, Vim seems to be deleting the unused packages, which is really annoying because those unused packages are going to be used. I just haven't added the necessary code for them. Is there a way to turn off this functionality in Vim-Go or do I have to delete the whole plugin to get rid of this annoying behavior?

Before Write

package commands
import (

    rss ""

After Save

import (

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我已将多个软件包导入Go软件包的文件中( package命令) 正在使用带有Vim-Go插件的Vim编写(跟随golang教程)。 这些软件包中有几个尚未在软件包中使用。 当我保存文件:w 时,Vim似乎正在删除未使用的软件包,这确实很烦人,因为这些未使用的软件包将被使用。 我只是没有为他们添加必要的代码。 有没有办法在Vim-Go中关闭此功能,还是我必须删除整个插件才能摆脱这种烦人的行为?

写之前 \ n

“ fmt” 
“ os” 
“ time” 
” github。  com / spf13 / cobra“ 


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  • duanji1026 2014-11-09 02:15

    This is because you're using goimports as the tool to use when formatting your go code (I think vim-go does this by default - and it formats code on save by default). goimports removes unused imports for you .. thats why its so great. You will learn to love it at some point :)

    For now, what you want to use is gofmt to format your code, which doesn't touch imports - it only formats the code. You can put this in your .vimrc:

    let g:go_fmt_command = "gofmt"

    If you decide you want to manually run goimports on your file after you've done the above .. you can run :GoImports.

    You can also choose another option if you prefer: you can turn off formatting on save by putting this into your .vimrc:

    let g:go_fmt_autosave = 0

    Then, you can still use goimports when formatting your code .. but it won't do it automatically on save.

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