2017-01-16 19:45
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I'm new to developing web applications. I'm working with golang and would like to serve user uploaded files securely, such as allowing them to view their own files only.

Now I have saved those files to a local file system with random names. If I serve the entire directory, malicious users may view other users files. This sounds like a common use case, I wonder what's the best approach to deal with it?

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我是开发Web应用程序的新手。 我正在使用golang,希望安全地为用户上传的文件提供服务,例如允许他们仅查看自己的文件。

现在,我已将这些文件保存到本地文件系统中, 随机名称。 如果我提供整个目录,则恶意用户可能会查看其他用户文件。 这听起来像是一个普通的用例,我想知道处理它的最佳方法是什么?

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