2019-07-26 03:08
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In my go.mod file, I have:

require (
    // ... editted for brevity
    github.com/Liquid-Labs/catalyst-firewrap v2.0.0-prototype.3
    // ... 

When I tried to build another package dependent on this package, I get: invalid module: github.com/Liquid-Labs/catalyst-firewrap should be v0 or v1, not v2 (v2.0.0-prototype.3).

There was a rewrite back before go went modular, and I wasn't tagging stuff back then, so there is no v1... is that the problem? I'm not having any luck finding an explanation of the underlying problem here.

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在我的 go.mod </ code>文件中,我有:</ p> \ n

 // ...为简洁起见
 github.com/Liquid-Labs/catalyst-firewrap v2.0.0-prototype.3 
 // ... 
)\  n </ code> </ pre> 

当我尝试构建依赖于此软件包的另一个软件包时,我得到:无效的模块:github.com/Liquid-Labs/catalyst-firewrap应该是 v0或v1,而不是v2(v2.0.0-prototype.3)</ code>。</ p>

在进行模块化之前有一个改写,那时我没有给东西加标签 ,所以没有 v1 </ code> ...是问题吗? 我没有运气在这里找到有关潜在问题的解释。</ p> </ div>

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