2019-06-21 09:13
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I have found two way to get the last insert id

Result, err := s.DB.ExecContext(ctx, query, qp)
if err != nil {
    return 0, err
ID, err := Result.LastInsertId()

and another way is to use mysql's

select LAST_INSERT_ID();

How different are these two methods and what should i do in-case the first method throws an error, would it mean my insert failed or would it mean just that method failed to return the id ?

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 结果,错误:= s.DB.ExecContext(ctx,query,qp)
if错误!= nil {
ID,错误:= Result.LastInsertId()


  select LAST_INSERT_ID(); 


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  • dptpn06684 2019-06-21 09:18

    Use Result.LastInsertId(). This is always reliable.

    Doing your own SELECT is not reliable, due to the way the Go driver handles pools of connection. If you do, say:

    INSERT foo INTO bar ...

    in one statement, then later:


    in another statement, you may get different connections to the database for each statement.

    This means your manually-selected ID may correspond with some completely unrelated INSERT statement which just happened to occur on that same connection in the past, or you may get nothing at all.

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