douguyi3903 2018-08-09 11:36
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Below is my code that I am trying to send with an attachment.

    msg := &mail.Message{
                    Sender: "",
                    To:     []string{addr},
          Attachments : []Attachment{
                           Name :"file name",
                            Data :[]byte,
                        ContentID :"fileid",

                    Subject: "Welcome to Simplyst Health: Verify your account",
    if err := mail.Send(context, msg); err != nil {
                    log.Errorf(ctx, "Alas, my user, the email failed to sendeth: err)

When I am trying to save my code it is throwing an error.


cannot use []Attachment literal (type []Attachment) as type []"".Attachment in field value
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  • dongweicha6077 2018-08-09 11:41

    You just need to change it to

    msg := &mail.Message{
        Sender: "",
        To:     []string{addr},
        Attachments: []mail.Attachment{
                Name:      "file name",
                Data:      []byte{},
                ContentID: "fileid",
        Subject: "Welcome to Simplyst Health: Verify your account",

    Just to point out the issues with your code:

    • There was an error check within the definition of your mail.Message
    • The Attachment type was missing the package name, mail
    • As you were creating a slice of Attachments and not just one attachment, you needed to add extra {} around the attachment you wanted to add
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