2018-03-08 09:02
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Following code:

Lobby := map[string]interface{}{
        "table_id"          :"new table id",
        "Status"            : true,
        "name"              : "shivam",
        "array":[]interface{}{0,1,3},// this replace existing array with new values

result, err := client.Collection("lobbies").Doc("12").Set(ctx,Lobby,firestore.MergeAll)

I just want to update 2nd element in array with the new value

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 大厅:= map [string]  interface {} {
“ table_id”:“ new table id”,
“ Status”:true,
“ name”:“ shivam”,
“ array”:[] interface {} {0,1,  3},//用新值替换现有数组
结果,错误:= client.Collection(“ lobbies”)。Doc(“ 12”)。Set(ctx,Lobby,firestore.MergeAll)\  n   


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  • dongshi2458 2018-03-08 13:34

    There is no way to inform a database to replace a specific element in a slice or array.

    Your array field stores a slice and is not a map, so you need to implement your own code that will regenerate that slice in the way you need and replace it in the document, something like:

    Lobby := map[string]interface{} {
        "table_id" : "new table id",
        "Status"   : true,
        "name"     : "shivam",
        "array"    : []interface{}{0,1,3},
    new_slice, err := change_my_slice(Lobby["array"])
    if err != nil {
        log.Errorf("Error message goes here")
        return nil, err
    Lobby["array"] = new_slice
    result, err := client.Collection("lobbies").Doc("12").Set(ctx,Lobby,firestore.MergeAll)
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