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在OS X中自动启动godoc localhost服务器?

In Go, you can start HTTP server and then browse through the Go document via the specific port. For example, if you type in godoc -http=:3333 in Terminal, the localhost server starts working on port 3333 and you can then view the official Go document.

However, I would like to make it start automatically whenever I log in to the OS X system, since it is so powerful and convenient to write in Go code with even when I'm off the Wi-Fi connection. So is it feasible to use such daemon in OS X?

I have implemented and utilized the exact functionality in MongoDB from an example here, and it's exactly this kind of service that I want to achieve...

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在Go中,您可以启动HTTP服务器,然后通过特定端口浏览Go文档。 例如,如果您在Terminal中键入 godoc -http =:3333 ,则本地主机服务器开始在端口3333上工作,然后您可以查看正式的Go文档。 < p>但是,我想使它在登录OS X系统时自动启动,因为即使在没有Wi-Fi连接的情况下,用Go代码编写代码也是如此强大和方便。 那么在OS X中使用这样的守护程序是否可行?

我已经实现并利用了此处的示例,正是我想要实现的这种服务... \ n

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