2018-08-09 03:11
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Go Dep-与供应商同步Gopkg.toml

Is there a way to create or sync Gokpkg.toml with the packages that i import in my .go files? If my Gopkg.toml is empty and I run dep ensure, it would download all the packages that I import in my code to the vendor folder but it won't update the Gopkg.toml file. It came up when I had to migrate a legacy project that didn't use a package manager to using dep in the simplest way possible by just creating a Gopkg.toml that contains the latest version of all the packages that I already import instead of running dep ensure -add ... manually for every package. Is there such command?

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是否可以使用我导入的包创建或同步 Gokpkg.toml 在我的 .go 文件中? 如果我的 Gopkg.toml 为空并且我运行 dep sure ,它将下载我导入的所有软件包 将代码添加到 vendor 文件夹中,但不会更新 Gopkg.toml 文件。 在我不得不迁移不使用的旧项目时出现了 软件包管理器,以最简单的方式使用 dep ,只需创建一个 Gopkg.toml ,其中包含我已经导入的所有软件包的最新版本,而不是运行为每个软件包手动确保-add ... 。 是否有这样的命令?

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  • douye2488 2018-08-09 04:55

    Remove your Gopkg.toml file and just run dep init and then dep ensure. It will create your Gopkg.toml file and automatically set all of the dependencies.

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