2018-09-10 19:51
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Google Golang SDK使用自定义CA捆绑包

I am trying to pull messages from a Google Cloud Pub/Sub Subscription using the Google Cloud Client Library for Go (

I am going through an HTTP proxy that uses TLS interception, so I need the pubsub client (it appears to be using gRPC) to use a custom CA cert bundle for its request verification. How can I make this work? Also, is there a way to configure proxy support other than setting http_proxy and https_proxy?

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我正在尝试使用Go的Google Cloud Client库从Google Cloud Pub / Sub Subscription提取消息(< a href =“” rel =“ nofollow noreferrer”> )。

我正在通过使用TLS拦截的HTTP代理,因此我需要pubsub客户端(它似乎正在使用gRPC)来使用自定义CA证书捆绑包进行请求验证。 我该如何进行这项工作? 另外,除了设置http_proxy和https_proxy之外,还有其他方法可以配置代理支持吗?

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  • dousi6192
    dousi6192 2018-09-13 04:01

    For anyone else interested in the answer to this problem, you can set an environmental variable:

    export GRPC_DEFAULT_SSL_ROOTS_FILE_PATH=/path/to/my/cert/bundle.pem

    Also, you can display more debug information by setting this environmental variable:


    For the list of all env vars you can set see here:

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