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My app works fine using Appengine's development software. When I try to deploy, I get this error:

main.go:11: can't find import: "github.com/afoo/cohort/models"

My folder structure looks like this, where afoo is a subdirectory of a "standard" src/github.com setup, referenced in the GOPATH:

Folder structure

The app.yaml file is quite simple:

application: application-id
version: 1
runtime: go
api_version: go1

  - url: /styles
    static_dir: styles

  - url: /scripts
    static_dir: scripts

  - url: /.*
    script: _go_app

The main.go file has the URL handler funcs I've defined, for instance:

func init() {

    // Register a handler for /.
    http.HandleFunc("/", MapNetworkHandler)

Module imports in main.go are fully qualified, and look like this:


Google groups has a long discussion from 2014 that attempts to explain the proper folder setup. It's located here:


From that discussion, I learned that I need to separate all modules (here, models, repository, and utils) from the main folder. But then there are some confusing mentions of other .yaml files that should go into each module folder, with no description of how they look, along with allusions to a skeleton init (.go) file that somehow imports everything else.

For better or worse, I learn by example, and I can't find a good example that would help me. I'd sure appreciate any detailed explanation of the proper folder structures and supplementary files that someone might know about.

Thanks for any help!

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  • dreamy1992 dreamy1992 5年前

    For code that is in your project folder use path relative to app.yaml.

    so if you have:

    - Folder: MyProject (can be inside GOPATH/github or any other place)
      - app.yaml
      - Folder: MyCode (package mycode)
        - code1.go
        - Folder: MySubCode (package mysubcode)
          - code2.go

    The imports should be like:

    import (

    Note that you do not specify the github or anything else above the app.yaml for code that is is below or on the same level as app.yaml.

    Update: I keep project folder outside of GOPATH. Like:

    - ~ (user folder)
      - GOPATH folder
      - My GAE projects folder

    This way it works fine with both importing from GOPATH's like "github/" and from paths relative to app.yaml like "myproject/"

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