2013-02-12 19:59



HtmlUnit is an headless browser library based on Java. Is there an headless browser library for the C/C++, D and Go programming language?

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  • doudao1922 doudao1922 8年前

    Here you Go.

    (Dummy text to make it at least 30 characters long)

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  • douluolan9101 douluolan9101 8年前

    How about Gowut?

    Gowut (Go Web UI Toolkit) is a full-featured, easy to use, platform independent Web UI Toolkit written in pure Go, no platform dependent native code is linked or called.

    Gowut Home page

    Gowut Project page (it's open source)

    Edit: Checking out what HtmlUnit is, Gowut is not exactly the same for Go...

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