2014-06-09 16:24
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Is there a proper way to connect to a Windows share, such as \windowspc\c$\myshare, from a Go application that is compiled and running on a Linux device?

The share will require credentials to save a file to the target UNC path.

Is there a best practices to accomplish this?

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是否有正确的方法从Windows连接到Windows共享,例如\ windowspc \ c $ \ myshare 是要在Linux设备上编译并运行的应用程序?


是 有最佳实践来实现这一目标吗?

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  • doufei8250 2014-06-09 16:32

    Theoretically yes, practically no.

    Windows shares use the SMB/CIFS family of protocols. Those can be implemented in Go and be used to access the shares. This is a huge task, though.

    Instead of having this in your application the best way is to require the share to be mounted from your system and then access it like a local file system from the application.

    If you really want to use SMB/CIFS you can check whether the Gnome VFS (virtual file system) or FUSE as C libraries from within Go, but this will be messy and ugly.

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