2017-02-06 14:22
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While running a stored procedure, the procedure can raise warning messages.

Is there any way to get these messages using Postgresql driver( in Golang ?

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  • dpl74687 2017-02-07 00:12

    The answer appears to be no.

    In my tests the Postgres server did not appear to send the warning with the results. Even if it did, returning an error along with the sql.Result would be confusing at best and would require lib/pq modifications. Raising an error in the function did return an error, but (obviously) no result.

    If this is a critical requirement (and your function can support it) you might consider using a notification channel. Bear in mind that this would tie your code to Postgres.


    Here is the function I used:

    CREATE OR REPLACE function fugo() RETURNS bool as $$ BEGIN RAISE WARNING 'My function notice.' USING errcode = '01000'; return TRUE; END;$$ language 'plpgsql';

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