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I want a function func format(s []string) string such that for two string slices s1 and s2, if reflect.DeepEqual(s1, s2) == false, then format(s1) != format(s2).

If I simply use fmt.Sprint, slices ["a", "b", "c"] and ["a b", "c"] are all printed as [a b c], which is undesirable; and there is also the problem of string([]byte('4', 0, '2')) having the same representation as "42".

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我想要一个函数 func格式(s []字符串)字符串,这样两个 字符串切片 s1 s2 ,如果 reflect.DeepEqual(s1,s2)== false ,则 format(s1)!= 格式(s2)

如果我仅使用 fmt.Sprint ,则切片 [“ a”,“ b”,“ c “] [” ab“,” c“] 都打印为 [abc] ,这是不希望的; 还有 string([] byte('4',0,'2'))的表示形式与“ 42” 相同的问题。

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