2014-11-03 20:30
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在golang中将interface {}转换为* [] int

I receive an interface which is basically a slice. Now I want to convert it to a pointer to the slice. The problem is, that I have either the slice itself or a Pointer to an interface. I can easily show in a code example:

func main(){
    model := []int{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,133123123123}

func method(model interface{}){ 
    fmt.Println(reflect.TypeOf(model))    // this is of type []int
    fmt.Println(reflect.TypeOf(&model))   // this is of type *interface{}

What I need is this type:

fmt.Println(reflect.TypeOf(result))    // this should be type *[]int

I know the type only on runtime, therefore I cannot just take &(model.([]int))

Is there a way using golang reflection to receive this? the type 'int' is here actually not important, important is, that it is a Pointer to a slice. *[]interface{} would be okay either.

To make the question more clear, I should have added: I am not interested in the data of the slice, but only in getting a pointer to a slice of same type (which can basically be empty). Therefore James Henstridge answers works perfectly.

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