2018-09-07 16:11
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golang snap安装:cgo.a:只读文件系统

I have installed go 1.11 using the snap package as described here:

# This will give you the latest version of go
$ sudo snap install --classic go

Things in general work well, however, when I tried to compile a project that uses cgo, I get the following error:

/snap/go/2635/bin/go test -c -i -o /tmp/___Test_GetVersion_in_tests_go tests_go #gosetup
go test runtime/cgo: open /snap/go/2635/pkg/linux_amd64/runtime/cgo.a: read-only file system

What could be happening? Is this a known issue in the snap installation?

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我已经使用如下所述的snap软件包安装了1.11版: </ p>

 $ sudo snap install --classic go 
 </ code> </ pre> 

一般情况下,一切正常,但是当我尝试编译时 一个使用 cgo </ code>的项目,我得到以下错误:</ p>

  / snap / go / 2635 / bin / go test -c -i -o  / tmp / ___ Test_GetVersion_in_tests_go tests_go #gosetup 
go测试运行时/ cgo:打开/snap/go/2635/pkg/linux_amd64/runtime/cgo.a:只读文件系统
 </ code> </ pre> 
 \  n 

可能会发生什么? 这是快照安装中的已知问题吗?</ p> </ div>

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