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TL;DR - What is the proper way to close a session freeing all resources?

My investigation thus far:

The *Session has a Close() function which calls the *Channel Close() function which sends a message (I'm guessing to the remote server) to close, but I don't see anything about closing other resources like the pipe returned from the *Session StdoutPipe() function.

Looking at the *Session Wait() code, I see that the *Session stdinPipeWriter is closed but nothing about the stdoutPipe.

This package feels a lot like the os/exec package which guarantees that using the os/exec Wait() function will clean up all the resources. Doing some light digging there shows some similarities in the Wait() functions. Both use the following construct to report errors on io.Copy calls to their stdout, stderr, stdin readers/writers (well if I'm reading this correctly actually only one error) - crypto package shown:

var copyError error
for _ = range s.copyFuncs {
    if err := <-s.errors; err != nil && copyError == nil {
        copyError = err

But the os/exec Wait() also calls this close descriptor method


which is just calling the close method on a slice of io.Closer interfaces:

func (c *Cmd) closeDescriptors(closers []io.Closer) {
    for _, fd := range closers {

when os/exec creates the pipe, it tracks what needs closing:

func (c *Cmd) StdoutPipe() (io.ReadCloser, error) {
if c.Stdout != nil {
    return nil, errors.New("exec: Stdout already set")
if c.Process != nil {
    return nil, errors.New("exec: StdoutPipe after process started")
pr, pw, err := os.Pipe()
if err != nil {
    return nil, err
c.Stdout = pw
c.closeAfterStart = append(c.closeAfterStart, pw)
c.closeAfterWait = append(c.closeAfterWait, pr)
return pr, nil

During this I noticed that x/cyrpto/ssh *Session StdoutPipe() returns an io.Reader and ox/exec returns an io.ReadCloser. And x/crypto/ssh does not track what to close. I can't find a call to os.Pipe() in the library so maybe the implementation is different and I'm missing something and confused by the Pipe name.

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