2015-02-11 10:41
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Golang WebSocket应用程序中的身份验证

I am trying to implement user authentication in an application that primarily uses WebSockets, but I am unsure how to begin.

I am using the Gorilla mux and websocket packages.

I have thought about using the method described here (files main.go and auth.go), but does this approach secure against authenticated users somehow hijacking each others sockets like described in this article?

Can someone suggest a good method or package(s) in Go?

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我正在尝试在主要使用WebSockets的应用程序中实现用户身份验证,但是我不确定如何开始。 / p>

我正在使用Gorilla mux和websocket软件包。</ p>

我已经考虑过使用此处(文件main.go和auth.go),但是这种方法是否可以防止经过身份验证的用户以某种方式劫持其他套接字 本文?</ p> \ n

有人可以在Go中建议一个好的方法或软件包吗?</ p> </ div>

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