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I'm trying to use a C library in Go. The C.PrlFoundVmInfo_GetName function writes a UTF-8 encoded string into name with length nBufSize.

// PRL_CHAR sName[1024];
var sName [1024]C.PRL_CHAR
// PRL_UINT32 nBufSize = sizeof(sName);
var nBufSize C.PRL_UINT32 = C.PRL_UINT32(unsafe.Sizeof(sName))
ret = C.PrlFoundVmInfo_GetName(hFoundVmInfo, (*C.PRL_CHAR)(unsafe.Pointer(&sName)), &nBufSize)
// printf("VM name: %s
", sName);
var gName string = C.GoString((*C.char)(unsafe.Pointer(&sName)))
fmt.Printf("VM %d name: \"%s\"
", nBufSize, gName)

What is the proper way to declare name (and nBufSize) and how do i convert name to a Go string? The above code dosen't work as I expect. It prints:

VM 1024 name: ""

C API Documentation, extract

PrlFoundVmInfo_GetName - Parameters

PRL_RESULT PrlFoundVmInfo_GetName(
  PRL_HANDLE handle, 
  PRL_STR sName, 
  PRL_UINT32_PTR pnNameBufLength
  • handle - A handle of type PHT_FOUND_VM_INFO identifying the container.
  • sName - [out] A pointer to a buffer that receives the name. Pass a null pointer to determine the required buffer size.
  • pnNameBufLength - [in] The size of the buffer used to receive the output data (in bytes). [out] The required buffer size if the buffer parameter contains a null pointer or if the specified buffer size is not large enough.

The full documentation is available at C API Documentation - PrlFoundVmInfo_GetName

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  • douyun3887 2014-02-09 11:14

    This was the solution, create a byte array and make sName point to it. When it has been used use C.GoStringN to convert the content to a Go string.

    var buf = make([]byte, 1024)
    var sName C.PRL_STR = (C.PRL_STR)(unsafe.Pointer(&buf))
    var nBufSize C.PRL_UINT32 = 1024
    ret = C.PrlFoundVmInfo_GetName(*hFoundVmInfo, sName, &nBufSize)
    gName := C.GoStringN((*_Ctype_char)(unsafe.Pointer(sName)),
    fmt.Printf("VM %d name: \"%s\"
    ", nBufSize, gName)
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