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I am using Gomail

I am attempting to send an email to myself. I have figured out how to do so, but now I want to add an image, either in the html body or as an attachment (does not really matter). I just need to be able to see the image in my email.

First off, I am sending the img src through a POST request, which I then save into the following struct...

type test_struct struct {
    Test string `json:"image"`

I then try to attach it in the email body like so...

mail := gomail.NewMessage()
mail.SetHeader("From", "")
mail.SetHeader("To", "")
mail.SetHeader("Subject", "IMAGE!")

mail.SetBody("text/html", `<img src="cid:t.Test" alt="My Image"/>`)

this did not work, so I tried to use Embed method...


This gave me a blank image with the error the filename or extension is too long. Not sure if this is important, but note that the src I got is from HTML5 Canvas. I got the source of the image from Canvas...


And this is the value I save in t.Test...

buf, err := ioutil.ReadAll(req.Body)
reader := bytes.NewReader(buf)

var t test_struct

err = json.NewDecoder(reader).Decode(&t)

The string being save in the t.Test is of the following format...

data:image/png:base64, iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAoAAAAHgCAYAAAA10dzkAAAgA...

How can I send this to my email? The documentation only gets me so far.

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