2015-03-26 09:50
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I having some problems with design my model , Because my model contains slice of a slice and im getting an error

flattening nested structs leads to a slice of slices

What will be the best approach to design something like that

I prefer to change my design instead of create my own serialize method like suggested in this post:

Loading datastore entities from Python project in Go leads to nested structs slices of slices error

type Inner2 struct {
    Y      float64
    inner3 []Inner3

type Inner3 struct {
    Z bool

type Outer struct {
    A int16
    I []Inner2
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  • doushan5222
    doushan5222 2016-11-02 18:52

    Fix for this is coming in a few days to -- support for nested entity values!

    See post here for details:!topic/google-api-go-announce/79jtrdeuJAg

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