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Golang中的Psi功能(“ digamma”)

I've been searching for a scientific computing library for golang that implements the digamma function, which is the logarithmic derivative of the gamma function.

I've attempted to implement the function myself, but I can only find explicit formulas for the digamma function evaluated at integers, but I need to be able to evaluate it at non-integer numbers.

Is anyone aware of a scientific computing package for go or of a precise formula for digamma?

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    dongyuan1984 dongyuan1984 2014-08-03 00:24

    Okay, I ported some other simpler C Code from here. Might have been a slight copout, but I didn't want to deal with all the dependencies in the GSL code suggested by Marc, and I don't have much experience with C so it would have been an ordeal. This code tests successfully against wolfram alpha, though, so it may not be too much of a tradeoff.

    I put the little file on github, though it's not a go package. Just a simple file that implements the function and has a main routine that tests it.

    Here's the link to that. Thanks to Brett Beutell for the help.

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  • dpwle46882 dpwle46882 2014-07-31 11:02

    I have looked through github, gitbucket & godoc with no avail for over 1 hour, I can assert with almost 100% certainty there is no go implementation for the Digamma function.

    Your best bet would be to port the GSL C Code found here.

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  • duanhu2414 duanhu2414 2016-04-13 22:23

    Here is another implementation ported from C++/Boost: Digamma

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