dongyong9224 2015-10-15 13:14
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I try to write a base64 png image to file with following code:

imageReader := base64.NewDecoder(base64.StdEncoding, strings.NewReader(Images[i]))
pngImage, _, err := image.Decode(imageReader)
if err != nil {
bounds := pngImage.Bounds()
if imgFile, err = os.Create(fileName + ".png"); err != nil {
   return Data{}
defer imgFile.Close()
_, err = imgFile.Write([]byte(pngImage))

The bounds are ok. The error message for the last line is

cannot convert pngImage (type image.Image) to type []byte

Obviously, because an image.Image is not a byte[]. But how can I convert it? Or is there even a simpler version to do this.

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  • dsg24156 2015-10-15 13:17

    Use png.Encode() to encode an image.Image to a file (io.Writer).

    The last line should be replaced with:

    err = png.Encode(imgFile, pngImage)

    png.Encode() will produce and send the byte sequence to the specified io.Writer (which can be an os.File of course), describing the specified image in PNG format.

    Also check out this answer which contains a complete example writing an image to a file (in PNG format):

    Draw a rectangle in Golang?

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