2019-01-20 13:40
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如何在Google Colaboratory中运行Golang

Now Google Colaboratory supports Python2 and Python3 kernels. Can I add a Golang kernel so that I can use Golang in Colab too?

I found a few examples here, but it only has JavaScript and R, no Golang.

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现在,Google Colaboratory支持Python2和Python3内核。 我可以添加Golang内核以便也可以在Colab中使用Golang吗?


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  • dougongyou7364 2019-01-20 13:40

    First, you need to install the Golang kernel (gophernotes) from a normal Python notebook.

    !apt install golang-go libzmq3-dev
    %env GOPATH=/root/go
    !go get -u
    !cp ~/go/bin/gophernotes /usr/bin/
    !mkdir /usr/local/share/jupyter/kernels/gophernotes
    !cp ~/go/src/* \

    Then make a copy of this go_1+1.ipynb notebook and run it.

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