dongzhan7909 2017-05-10 16:26
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Let's assume the following code:

func main() {

Sound good, until your program runs without any error but does nothing because you just forgot that doStuff() actually looks like:

func doStuff() error {
    // ...
    return errors.New("woops!")

What we should do ist:

func main() {
    err := doStuff()
    if err != nil {

Or at least (to make it obvious):

func main() {
    _ = doStuff()

There are so many go tools out there like. Is there a simple way to check my code for not handled error return values?

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  • dongposhi8677 2017-05-10 20:07

    As @eugecm suggested, will do this, as will . Also, makes it easy to download a collection of linters and run them in parallel, and includes both of the above.


    go get
    gometalinter --install

    would download gometalinter, which will then install a number of error and style checkers and run them in parallel, reporting the results.

    The relevant results from your example would be like:

    main.go:13::warning: Errors unhandled.,LOW,HIGH (gas)
    main.go:13::warning: error return value not checked (doStuff()) (errcheck)

    I recommend gometalinter because it gives results like the above, where running errcheck on a bare command just says main.go:13:10 doStuff() (because errcheck is a program that only checks for unchecked error return values, so no additional information is really necessary).

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